Top 5 luxury hotels in classic route of Iran you shouldn`t miss


We have tried to select 5 top hotels from different cities in order to make you familiar with different parts of Iran.

Here they are 5 best hotels in Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz and Kish Island


Ghasre Monshi Hotel (Isfahan)

Visiting Isfahan means drowning in old history and pure architecture. Thus, we suggest you to stay in a nice, historical hotel such as Ghasr Monshi Hotel which has been chosen as the best traveler`s choice in 2022 based on trip adviser website. This historical Persian Palace, dating back to the Qajar Dynasty. Tourists will experience an accommodation in an old palace, while enjoying modern amenities, for a comfortable and convenient stay in Isfahan.

Nearby Landmarks: 450 meters from the Naqshe Jahan Square , Aliqapu Palace, Abbasi Great Mosque, Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, Chehel Sotoon Palace, Hasht Behesht Palace.


Parsian Kowsar Hotel (Isfahan)

In addition to traditional hostels and hotels in Isfahan, The 5-star Parsian Kowsar Hotel overlooking the Sio-Seh Bridge is one of the Iran luxury hotels in Iran. The hotel is a brilliant jewel in the city center with a unique location and a picturesque view of the Zayandehrood river. The hotel’s facilities include a beautiful garden, five different restaurants and cafes, indoor and outdoor pools, a sports club including a jacuzzi, gym, billiards, and table tennis lounge, etc.

Nearby Landmarks: Sio-Seh Bridge, Zayandehrood river, Chaharbagh Street, Jolfa district, Jolfa Cathedral


Espinas Palace Hotel (Tehran)

This 5-star hotel, with its modern amenities and unique architecture, is one of the most luxurious hotels in Iran. Besides, due to its particular geographical location, Espinas Palace Hotel offers a unique view of Tehran city to its guests. This 20-story hotel has three restaurants that offer a continental breakfast buffet as well as international cuisines such as French, Thai, Mediterranean, and traditional Iranian foods. Other hotel facilities include a shopping center, gym, massage parlor, and a satisfying swimming pool.

Nearby Landmarks: Tehran International Exhibition Center, Milad Tower, Tabiat Bridge, Tajrish Bazaar, Darband



Shiraz Grand Hotel (Shiraz)

Shiraz Grand Hotel draw your attention at first glance when you enter the city and pass Shiraz`s Quran Gate. The boat-resembling design of the building, is unique. This five-star hotel welcomes the guests with luxurious rooms, several restaurants and coffee shops, laundry services, travel agency, meeting and banquette rooms, sport complex for men and women and game zone. the multilingual hotel staff is always ready to assist you during your stay.

Nearby Landmarks: Qur’an Gate, Bagh-e Jahan Nama, Khwaju Kermani Tomb, Tomb of Hafez


Dariush Grand Hotel (Kish Island)

Dariush Grand Hotel as one of the Iran luxury hotels and the most beautiful hotels in the world as its architecture presenting the glory of the civilization and culture of ancient Iran is located in one of the Persian Golf`s Islands, Kish Island. Accordingly, the hotel name, Dariush (the Persian Achaemenid king), is derived from the design of its statues, columns, and lithographs, that is inspired by Persepolis.

Nearby Landmarks: Kish Dolphin Park, saltwater aquarium, bird garden


Hotel Dad (Yazd)

This 4-star luxury hotel offers modern accommodation in a traditional atmosphere. They also have a rooftop coffee shop serving refreshing beverages under Yazd’s beautiful starlight. Unlike its traditional architecture and style topnotch amenities such as pool and spa are offered. This accommodation is highly recommended for families, couples, solo travelers, and friends.

Nearby Landmarks: Dolat Abad Garden, Khan Complex, Alexander’s Prison, Seyyed Rokn Addin Mausoleum, Markar Clock Tower, Zoroastrian Fire Temple, Amir Chakhmaq Complex, and Yazd Water Museum