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Bus is an attractive and economical vehicle for all kinds of domestic and foreign trips, which has been the first choice of many travelers since the past. Buying an Iran bus ticket and traveling by bus is sometimes more attractive than traveling by plane or train.

 While traveling by bus, you can visit and enjoy the surrounding sights, rest along the way, and even experience things you haven’t had time to do in a long time. In addition, traveling by bus costs less than traveling by plane and train; so if you don’t have time constraints, the bus is a good choice for a low-cost trip. But before traveling by bus, you should know important points so that your trip can be done in the best possible way. In the rest of the article, we discussed some important points in traveling by bus that are very useful, so stay with us until the end of the content.

Iran Bus Tickets

IRAN Bus Ticket

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Iran Bus Transportation

The best options for traveling between cities in Iran are trains and buses. Iran has a long and standard paved road system that connects most of the cities. In general, land transportation, especially buses, is cheap and affordable in Iran. There are more than 20 bus companies operating in Iran that provide all kinds of buses and services to passengers. In general, traveling by bus in Iran is economical, safe and comfortable, and it is recommended for those who do not have a shortage of time.

Iran buses

Considering the bus model and its type is one of the main and most important points that you should pay attention to before Iran bus booking (booking a bus in Iran). When choosing the type of bus, you should pay attention to the route and the time it takes to reach your destination, the conditions and also your budget so that you can choose the most suitable bus for your trip. Currently, Iran buses are divided into two types: VIP and standard buses.
The main difference between these two types of buses is their type and number of seats. The number of VIP bus seats is less but better, bigger and more comfortable. Since the distance between the seats is large, you can easily convert them into beds and enjoy the comfort. That is why VIP bus ticket in Iran is more popular than standard bus ticket. Of course, the VIP bus ticket price is higher than the standard bus. For this reason, most of the time, passengers choose VIP buses for long distances or overnight trips, and go for standard buses for short trips of one or two hours.

Popular bus routes in Iran

The routes between the major and big cities of Iran, such as Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz, Yazd, Kerman and Kashan, are among the most popular routes. The roads between these cities have the necessary standards and the buses of these routes are of high quality and comfort. In the table below, you can see the distance between the main cities of Iran:

Route Distance between two cities estimated time
Tehran – Isfahan 440 km  6 hours
Tehran – Shiraz 910 km  10 hours
Tehran – Yazd 630 km  8 hours
Tehran – Kerman 1000 km  12 hours
Tehran – Kashan 250 km  3 hours
Isfahan – Shiraz 480 km  6 hours
Isfahan – Kashan 210 km  3 hours
Isfahan – Yazd 315 km  4 hours
Isfahan – Kerman 680 km  8 hours
Shiraz – Yazd 440 km  6 hours
Shiraz – Kerman 570 km  8 hours
Yazd – Kerman 370 km  5 hours

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