Visiting Mosques, Caravanserais and Deserts of Iran in 12 days

Yazd, Bafgh Desert For 2 days

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Golden Dunes of Mesr Desert In 2 Days

Adventure In Lut Desert For 9 Days

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Iran Desert Tours

Iran Desert Tours and Packages

Iran’s deserts are among the most beautiful and unique natural and tourist attractions. In the deserts of Iran, borders disappear; there will be nothing but the border between the desert and the sky. The flowing sand and the animals that occasionally pass in front of your eyes will create a beautiful view. At night, you can pick the stars from the sky with your hands. The pollution in the deserts of Iran is close to zero; because no parasite, bacteria or virus can survive in the heat of the air or the flowing sand. If you are looking for a new and exciting travel experience, put Iran desert tours on your travel list and don’t miss them!

The best time to book an Iran desert tour

The best time to participate in the desert tour is early spring, early autumn and late winter when the air temperature is in favorable and moderate conditions. If you go to the desert during the hot seasons, the heat of the air and the scorching sun will take away the pleasure of your trip, and the direct sunlight can damage your skin and cause heat stroke.

Who are Iran desert trips suitable for?

If you have ever wanted to spend a few days outside the city and in the heart of the wild nature, and when it gets dark, there is no light except the wonderful stars in the sky, then Iran desert tours and trips are suitable for you. Also, if you are interested in walking and can walk continuously for at least 2-3 hours, a nature tour or desert tour will be fun and enjoyable.

Other attractions of the desert are natural phenomena such as sand, sand dunes and yardangs. Also, you can get to know the wildlife of Iran’s deserts, and if you are lucky, you can see animals such as fox, sand cat, jaculus and buzzard up close.

Why is it better to go on a desert trip with a tour?

Along with the pleasures and excitement that desert travel brings, it can also have risks. When you sign up for a desert tour, an expert nature tour guide will accompany you throughout the trip. Our desert tour packages are designed in the best possible way and are conducted by local experts. Also, suitable facilities and equipment for desert travel, such as special off-road vehicles, camping equipment and mapping, etc., are all already provided.

For example, if you travel alone to the desert, you may not be able to choose a suitable destination for yourself. Maybe you would like to get to know some of the natural phenomena in the desert, or maybe you want to see the animals of the Iranian deserts up close. Still, if you do not have enough information about the location of these phenomena and how the desert animals live, your trip will be in vain. If you go to the desert with a desert tour, you can see these phenomena up close; the expert tour guide will provide you with complete and valuable information about the animals and nature of the desert, and you will end your trip with satisfaction and happiness.

Popular destinations for desert tours in Iran

Most of the destinations of Iran desert tours are located on the edge of two large deserts, Lut and Dasht-e Kavir. Among the most popular desert tours in Iran are the Mesr desert tour, Maranjab desert tour, Lut desert tour, Abuzeydabad desert tour, Rig-e Zarin desert tour, Abyaneh desert tour and Caracal desert tour. By traveling to these destinations, you can satisfy all your desires and needs from desert travel and have a pleasant experience at the end of the trip.

Iran Desert Safari

Desert safari is a type of safari that takes place in desert areas with sand dunes. In Iran’s desert tours and safaris, tourists travel with two-wheel drive SUVs among the flowing sands. Holding night camps and watching the starry sky of the desert is one of the most beautiful moments you experience in this type of safari. Iran is one of the best safari destinations due to the variety of wildlife and diverse desert ecosystems. The main feature of Iran safari tours is great excitement and professional desert climbing that takes you to the hidden corners of this silent nature. The general principle of these tours is to experience living in nature and camping in it for a few days.