If you are a big fan of food, then Iran is your cup of tea!

The reputation of Iranian food is so epic that has attracted many people and food lovers from around the world come and visit Iran to only try Iranian food. Persia’s geography, history, and cultural influences have shaped the diversity of ingredients and the methods of cooking. Therefore, you will find out why there are so many different foods in this country. Accounts of early travelers to Iran indicate that the guests or visitors were served only the finest food available, and always in the most bountiful manner possible.

In this post I’m going to take you through top foods you must try when you’re visiting Iran.

Noosh-e-Jan! (bon appetite).


Tahdig / rice


Rice, or polo in Farsi, is the most important dish for almost all meals. It is served with stews, kebabs, barbeques, chicken, fish, etc. Simply said, a Persian dish is not complete without Persian rice. In Iran, people acknowledge your cooking skills by how well you prepare steamed Persian-style rice.

Tahdig literally means the bottom of the pot. It is a crispy layer of rice, bread or potatoes. It is the most sought-after part of any rice dish. Unfortunately It does not usually appear on the restaurant menu, and it should be ordered separately.


Kebab and rice (Chelo kebab)

Kebab koobideh, is the signature of Iranian Kabab and the most famous one between local and international tourists which is ground meat mixed with minced onion and seasoned with salt and pepper, all cooked on a grill, they are tender, juicy and delicious . It sounds simple, but the taste is sublime. Your chelo kebab will be accompanied with a grilled tomato, some sumac (a red spice made from dried berries) and a knob of butter to mix into your rice.

Baghali polo ba mahicheh (Broadbean Rice with Lamb Shanks)

Baghali polo is a fragrant rice dish made with broad beans, dill and saffron. It’s then served with succulent, fall-off-the-bone (lamb shank). Fun fact: it’s also a very popular choice to serve at weddings.

Ghormeh sabzi (Herb Stew)

Wait a minute. If you are looking for the most popular Iranian dish, you should definitely consider Ghorme Sabzi as a choice. It is competitively, compared to kebab. It is made with herbs, red kidney beans and lamb chunks. Parsley, coriander, chives and fenugreek provide the stew’s base, while Persian dried limes add a subtle, sour flavor. you can find it in almost any menu of the restaurants.


Zereshk polo ba morgh (barberry rice with chicken)

Literally meaning ‘barberry rice with chicken’, this famous Persian dish is a favorite for get-togethers and dinner parties. By far one of the prettiest Iranian dishes is a rice dish usually made with saffron and barberries alongside a chicken and tomato stew. The barberries are a vibrant red and add sour taste, making the taste of this dish an interesting one.