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Iran Cultural Tours

Iran’s cultural tours are a group of tourism tours that are designed and planned based on familiarizing the enthusiasts and tourists with the culture and customs of the people and ethnic groups that have been living there for years. Cultural tour packages have been prepared in order to recognize and introduce cultural and artistic attractions, along with architecture, religions and the way of life of Iranian people. Ceremonies, celebrations and ancient, cultural and religious beliefs of every country have many unsaid things that are attractive for every tourist.

For years, Enterpersia has shared the unique experience of this type of cultural tours with thousands of enthusiasts. Certainly, getting to know you more and more with the history and civilization of this land is a great honor for Enterpersia Group. Cultural Travel Packages are a unique collection of exploring deep Iranian culture, history, experiencing Iranian cuisine, amazing architecture along with precious traditions and customs. In the following, we will tell you the reasons why cultural tours to Iran are popular among the world.

5 main elements of cultural tours of Iran


Iran is a land full of bravery and history-making epics, a vast country and always present in the heart of world history. Iran has a civilization of several thousand years, whose background goes back to thousands of years before Christ, which has a rich and very brilliant culture and civilization that is sometimes less known. It is also interesting to know that Iran has 26 UNESCO World Heritage Sites that are spread throughout the beautiful vast Iran.

Art and Handicrafts

Iranian art is one of the richest artistic heritages in the history of the world and includes many fields including architecture, weaving, painting, pottery, calligraphy, music, dance, metalwork and nearly 3000 different types of art in 400 art groups! But among the works of art despite the existence of different cultures throughout Iran, we see different works, one of the most luxurious of these works of art is the art of handicrafts, which brings a manifestation of ethnic and national culture to the fore. Among the most famous handicrafts and souvenirs of Iran, we can mention hand-woven carpets, copper dishes, clay dishes, Minakari handicrafts and Termeh.


One of the main reasons for the popularity of cultural tours in Iran is its magnificent architecture. By seeing architectural works, a set of deep and rich cultural and artistic values of nations is revealed; Compared to the architecture of other countries in the world, Iranian architecture has a special value, and features such as appropriate design, accurate calculations, the correct form of covering, compliance with technical and scientific issues in the building, lofty porches, tall columns, and various decorations are signs of its glory. The characteristics of Iranian architecture in general include introversion, avoidance of futility, people-centeredness, self-sufficiency, and materialism. The age of art in Iran is as old as history, and architecture is especially considered one of the old arts.

People and local lifestyle

Another main cultural attraction of Iran is its hospitable and warm people. In Iran, all kinds of ethnic groups live with different dialects, accents, customs and lifestyles, all of which together form a beautiful cultural complex. For example, visiting and experiencing the life of nomadic people is very special and spectacular and has many fans among tourists.

Authentic Iranian Food

The native people of Iran have always tried to prepare food according to the mood, season and nature of people; this is the reason that there are 2500 types of food, 109 different types of drinks and types of bread and sweets in Iran. Wherever you travel to Iran, you will encounter special cuisine, food and customs. Of course, it should be noted that the raw materials in different regions are not much different. Therefore, it is the way of combining the ingredients and the cooking method that creates food with different flavors. Traditional cooking methods have been passed down from one generation to the next. These cooking methods are considered as a part of the cultural identity of each region.