Things to Do in Isfahan

  Discovering Isfahan: A Tapestry of History and Beauty Isfahan, hailed as one of Iran’s most exquisite cities, beckons both locals and international tourists with its rich tapestry of historical monuments spanning various eras, notably the Safavid era. This city seamlessly blends the art and architecture of ancient Iran with elements from the Middle centuries, […]

Khaju Bridge

Khaju Bridge is located in the east part of the Si O Se Pol Bridge in Isfahan. Khaju or Royal Bridge was built over of the foundations of the Hasan Abad Bridge in 15th century, in Timurid period. The architectural characteristics of this bridge like decorations and tile works make it more special between other […]

Isfahan Music Museum

Isfahan has been one of the cradles of traditional Iranian music and song and one of the 12 main “Maqams” of ancient Iranian music. Maqam is a type of music classification that has been used in different periods of history, including the Contemporary era, for the classification of Iranian, Turkish, Arabic, and Azerbaijani music.During the […]

Qeysarie Gate

The Qeysarie Gate in Isfahan is one of the most valuable relics of the Safavid period. This building is located in the north of Naqsh-e Jahan Square and front of Imam Mosque. Its construction was completed during the reign of Shah Abbas I (11 AH) and its architect was Master Ali Akbar Isfahani. This relic […]

Chehel Sotoun Palace

In one of the Esfahan’s streets, there is a palace in the garden like heaven. Chehel Sotoun (forty columns) is now one of the three Safavid’s palaces that are existing today. This palace was built during the Shah Abbas I reign with eastern decoration in the “U shaped” plan which has a throne hall and […]