Iran travel insurance

Have you ever thought about the dangers of foreign travel? Diseases caused by climate change, seasickness, poisoning caused by foreign foods, severe colds in cold regions, etc., are just threats to the health of travelers. The possibility of losing identification documents, losing or delaying cargo, legal problems in case of non-compliance with the rules, etc. are among the issues that may bother you. The emergence of these problems in foreign trips can be very worrying considering the traveler’s unfamiliarity with the environment and perhaps the language there. Iran travel insurance can be a good solution to deal with these threats.

Iran Travel Insurance

Advantages of Iran travel insurance in Enterpersia 


It's Quick and Easy.

Low Cost

The price of insurance is from 15 euros

No Risk

The insurance provided by us is valid and legal.


It takes less than 2 minutes to apply and pay online.

Why need Iran Travel Insurance?

In general, different insurances were created to act as a supporter in unpredictable situations and to be able to manage the situation to a significant extent. One of these types of insurance that is both necessary and obligatory; It is a travel insurance that supports you from the beginning to the end of the trip in case of a problem.
In the definition of the insurance Iran (Iran insurance) policy, we see that this sheet predicts and includes a wide variety of physical and non-physical injuries. These items range from special medical expenses to compensation for flight delay expenses. Also, keep in mind that travel insurance for Iran visa is vital. (Also, keep in mind that having a travel insurance is vital for obtaining an Iran visa.)

Can I use my existing travel insurance?

Unfortunately, almost no. Although you may have worldwide travel insurance, but in most cases, insurance companies exclude Iran due to sanctions and their services do not include the country of Iran. Even if your travel insurance covers Asia and the Middle East, don’t risk and ask exactly if it covers Iran as well or not.

How to get an Iranian travel insurance?


Fill out the online travel insurance application form through the Enterpersia website, which only takes 5 minutes.


Pay online and receive your insurance certificate within two business days.

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Best travel insurance for Iran

Iran travel insurances are usually almost identical to each other, but some are better than others in covering some cases. Saman travel insurance is one of those insurances that cover more cases and the description of its services is much more complete. Saman Insurance is one of the best insurance companies that provides travel insurance for Iranian and foreign tourists visiting Iran. One of the best and safest ways that you can buy Saman travel insurance online is Enterpersia. You can easily get your travel insurance through our website, even easier than buying a flight ticket or booking a hotel.

What is covered by the insurance?

The insurance provided by Enterpersia is Saman travel insurance, which has the best and most insurance coverage. Items covered by Saman insurance include the following:

  1. Paying for hospitalization and medical treatment, except for beauty expenses, chronic diseases and diseases that have a history. Deductible: 25 euros, except for emergency cases and accidents or hospitalization for more than 24 hours.
  2. Payment of dental emergencies only costs that are done in order to remove toothache or tooth decay. Deductible: 25 euros
  3. Paying the cost of an unexpected return to the insured due to acute medical issues or the death of a first-degree relative and immediately if he cannot use the original ticket to return. First degree relatives: parents, brothers and sisters, immediate relatives: wife and children.
  4. Guidance and assistance regarding the loss of passports, international certificates and identification documents and paying the costs of re-providing them.
  5. Sending instant messages as well as providing addresses of medical centers, pharmacies, doctors to the insured
  6. Returning the body of the deceased insured
  7. Legal Consultancy

How to get Iranian Travel Insurance?

Fill out the online travel insurance application form through the Enterpersia website, which only takes 5 minutes. Pay online and receive your insurance certificate within two business days. Our support team is by your side at all stages to easily get your travel insurance. You can also visit and buy from our other services such as Iran Tour and Iran Visa.

Why you should get your Travel Insurance with Enterpersia

Obtaining a travel insurance at the airport can be an annoying experience for you; Standing in long queues, wasting your time, higher price and not providing full details or misleading text of insurance and coverage items are some of the disadvantages of getting travel insurance at the airport.
At the same time, applying for Iran travel insurance through Enterpersia is easy, hassle-free, fast and at a more reasonable price. We are in contact with our supplier on your behalf so that all insurance matters are clear and you receive the best service. Our support team is always by your side to give you the best travel experience.

You must go to the Police Department of Aliens Affairs to renew your visa. Offices are open Saturday through Wednesday from 7:30 AM to 2:00 PM. Offices are always crowded. So, it’s better to go early. Check Iran’s national holidays to avoid delays.

Avoid making bad memories

We all usually have good memories of travel and most of our trips are for fun and sightseeing or to see loved ones and friends. But sometimes unexpected issues arise in trips that can trap us for a while or cause us financial damage. The same things that we may not expect to happen can create an unpleasant memory of the trip for us. In such a situation, buying travel insurance will help us and our trip will end with peace of mind.

FAQ Iran travel insurance

You can easily buy Iran travel insurance by visiting Enterpersia travel insurance section and filling out the relevant form.
Yes, obtaining travel insurance for Iran visa is necessary. However the following nationalities do not need travel insurance to enter Iran: Azerbaijan - Armenia - Bolivia - Egypt - Georgia - Iraq - Lebanon - Malaysia - Syria - Oman - Turkey - Venezuela. Of course, purchasing a valid travel insurance before your trip is always a wise thing and we definitely recommend it.
Yes, you can get it at the airport. Of course, our advice is to always get travel insurance before your trip; because it is easier and saves your time. But if you forget to purchase one before your trip, don't worry and you can get travel insurance at the designated counter at the airport.
You have two ways to get travel insurance: 1. Online, before the trip. You can easily apply for Iran travel insurance through the Enterpersia website. 2. At the airport upon arrival and at the relevant counter.

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