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Iran Visa Application 2022-23

Easy evisa Iran application

You can find out everything you need to know about getting a visa for Iran, fill out an application in less than 5 minutes, and receive your authorization code within 3-5 business days.

Iran online visa application steps

  1. Fill out Iran visa online application form
  2. Pay application fee 20 €
  3. Receive an authorization code within 3-5 business days
  4. Easily collect your visa at the relevant embassy, consulate or airport

Visa Application

Advantages of applying for your Iran evisa in advance


It's Quick and Easy.

(Within 3-5 business days)

Low Cost

Up to €15 less cost than VOA

No Risk

Do not stress yourself and risk getting rejected upon arrival.


Iran visa online application is very simple.

Enterpersia or E-Visa (MFA Portal)

To obtain a visa from the E-Visa website, you may face many problems such as rejection, delay and unanswered requests for the status updates.

Who needs an Iran visa

Almost everyone can get a visa upon arrival. To ensure fast and secure processing, we recommend that you first apply for an Iran visa online and then pick up your actual visa upon arrival at the visa counter.

But with visa specialists and 24-hour support, Enterpersia is by your side step by step so that you can get your visa as easily as possible and with peace of mind. Enterpersia applicants usually receive their visa within 3-5 working days without any worries.

How to get an Iranian tourist visa?

Why getting Iran visa from Enterpersia is a wise decision?

Fill in the online visa application form


Pay Enter Persia service fee


Receive your authorization code


Collect your visa at an Iranian embassy/airport

Nationality Visa

Nationalities that do not require a visa
90 days 45 days 30 days 20 days 15 days
Armenia, Turkey, Syria
Azerbaijan, Bolivia, Lebanon, Oman
China, Egypt, Hong Kong, Macao
Malaysia, Venezuela

Nationalities who must apply in advance

These nationalities have more complex visa processes:
  • Canada, United Kingdom, United States

  • Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Iraq, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Colombia, Jordan, Libya, Nepal, Somalia, Tajikistan, Yemen, India

  • Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Sri Lankan and Afghan travelers will be unable to obtain a visa invitation letter from Iranian travel agencies; instead they should apply directly to the consulates for the application.

  • Dual citizens: If you are a dual US, UK or Canadian citizen, use your other passport when filling out your application. You can also apply with a nationality that costs less.

  • Dual citizenship, Iranian: If your father is Iranian, you must apply for an Iran passport before traveling to Iran.

  • Holders of Israeli passports and anyone who has an Israeli stamp in their passport (or an exit stamp at the relevant Jordanian or Egyptian border crossings indicating that you must have entered Israel) will not receive a visa.

Types of Iran Visas

Introduction of Iran visa types

Foreigners whose Letters of Invitation have been granted by Governmental Organizations, Ministries and non-public or public sectors can apply for this visa.


  1. Valid invitation
  2. Iran Visa application form
  3. Probable interview at the consulate

Iran tourist visa.(iran tours)


  1. Iran Visa application form
  2. Probable interview at the consulate

visa for Muslims who wish to visit holy sites.


  1. Iran Visa application form
  2. Probable interview at the consulate

Visa for diplomats who want to provide services.


  1. Official or Diplomatic Passport
  2. Iran Visa application form

Visa for foreign students or scholars who are interested in studying in Iran.


  1. the science ministry, the education ministry, or an authorized academic institution must provide a certificate of permission for nonimmigrant student status
  2. Iran Visa application form

visa for foreign citizens who wish to work in Iran.


  1. an employer in Iran must provide the labor certification, which is approved by the labor ministry.
  2. Iran Visa application form

Visa For foreigners who just pass through Iran and don’t stay there.


  1. Declaring destinations
  2. Iran Visa application form

Visa for Media members who wish to report or work in a profession in Iran such as filmmakers/producers, reporters, and prints.


  1. Iran Visa application form
  2. Media & Public Diplomacy Center permission

visa for foreign investors that wish to invest in Iran and their investment permission are accepted by the Investment Economic and Technical Assistance organization of Iran


  1. The Organization for Investment, Economic, and Technical Assistance’s seal of approval
  2. Iran Visa application form

Visa for a man married to a woman from Iran; in the absence of a registered marriage in the Iranian legal system, they are eligible to obtain an entry visa (family members).


  1. Permission of the father regarding the entry of their children to Iran
  2. Iran Visa application form

Visa for foreign citizens who wish to be in Iran for medical purpose and surgery.


  1. Iran’s authorized medical centers’ approval letter
  2. Iran Visa application form
Iran visa photo requirements
  1. Visa applications are incomplete without a photo. Ensure your visa photo meets all the requirements for Iran visa by using a professional visa photo service
  2. You must have passport photos that:
  3. Clearly visible and focused
  4. Must be in color
  5. No change by computer software
  6. In JPEG file format (jpg or .jpeg).
  7. Taken in the last 6 months

Duration, extension and validity of Iran visa

Iran visa is a 30-day single entry visa. But you can extend it in Iran for 30 days and then 30 consecutive days if needed. The visa is valid for up to 3 months after the date of issue.

You must go to the Police Department of Aliens Affairs to renew your visa. Offices are open Saturday through Wednesday from 7:30 AM to 2:00 PM. Offices are always crowded. So, it’s better to go early. Check Iran’s national holidays to avoid delays.

Visa policy of Iran

Female applicants over the age of 9 must comply with certain visa processing rules. They are asked to have a photo of the visa application with a headscarf.
Please note that entry conditions may change based on the decisions of the authorities, and it is strongly recommended that you have detailed information about the local diplomatic missions in your country of residence before you leave.
Iranian visa cost
Iran visa fees depend on the applicant’s nationality and the type of visa requested. The cost of an Iranian visa may include processing costs and tour agency costs, if any, for some countries. Be sure to consult with the embassy / consulate in your country of residence as visa fees depend on nationality. Please note that the visa fee is higher than the application fee at the consulate, and the visa fee is non-refundable, which means that your application will not be refunded.

Free trade zones without the need for a visa

All tourists can stay on Kish Island or Qeshm Island for 14 days or less without a visa. Americans, Canadians and Britons only need a certified escort guide waiting for them upon arrival. You can visit the following business areas for up to 2 weeks without a visa:
  • Kish Island
  • Qeshm Island
  • Arvand Free Zone
  • Anzali (Bandar-e Anzali)
  • Chabahar Free Trade-Industrial Zone
  • Aras Free Zone
  • Maku

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