Bame Tehran

Bame Tehran, also recognized as Bame Velenjak, stands as a captivating gem among Tehran’s tourist attractions. Nestled at an elevation of 1900 meters above sea level, this serene city offers an unparalleled vantage point to immerse in the expansive and captivating landscape of Tehran. Unlike bustling cityscapes, Bame Tehran is situated in a tranquil and […]

Tehran Grand Bazaar

It is fantastic to visit the oldest Bazaar in Tehran, which is historical, and it splits into several corridors over 10 kilometers. Each corridor has particular kinds of goods with multiple entrances; Sabze Meidan is the main one. This Bazaar includes several parts, such as mosques, guest houses and banks. Tehran metro is also accessible […]

Vakil Bazaar

Vakil Bazaar is one of the most famous traditional and historical bazaars in Iran. This bazaar was built by the order of Karim Khan Zand and is located in the center of Shiraz (east of “Shahrdari” Square). In the neighborhood of this bazaar, there are other buildings such as the mosque and the historical bath […]

Qeysarie Gate

The Qeysarie Gate in Isfahan is one of the most valuable relics of the Safavid period. This building is located in the north of Naqsh-e Jahan Square and front of Imam Mosque. Its construction was completed during the reign of Shah Abbas I (11 AH) and its architect was Master Ali Akbar Isfahani. This relic […]

Chehel Sotoun Palace

In one of the Esfahan’s streets, there is a palace in the garden like heaven. Chehel Sotoun (forty columns) is now one of the three Safavid’s palaces that are existing today. This palace was built during the Shah Abbas I reign with eastern decoration in the “U shaped” plan which has a throne hall and […]

Amir Chakhmagh Complex

Amir Chakhmaq is the name of a square in the historical city of Yazd, which includes a collection of different buildings such as a bazaar, a tekyeh, a mosque, two ab anbar (reservoir of drinking water) and a tomb. This astonishing square is one of the most important historical complexes in Yazd. Amirchakhmaq square or […]

Sialk Hills

Around 5000 BC, the earth underwent a dramatic change in climate due to the formation of farms and meadows. This caused the cavemen of the Iran plateau to choose the plains for living. The beginning of this way of life caused them to make significant progress compared to previous eras; Among the cavemen of that […]


Persepolis is one of the ancient cities of Iran in “Marvdasht”, Fars province, which was founded by Darius the Great (Darius I) about 2500 years ago. The city has an area of 125,000 square meters and is located in a large area that is limited to “Rahmat” Mountain on one side and “Marvdasht” on the […]

Atigh Jame Mosque of Shiraz

Atigh Jame Mosque is the oldest mosque in Shiraz, also called Jomeh mosque, Al-Aqsa mosque, Adineh mosque, and the central mosque. The original building of this mosque was built in 281 AH during the reign of Amr-i Laith Saffari. This mosque is the first religious pole in Shiraz. In addition to religious performance, it also […]

Tomb of Hafez

BIOGRAPHY Hafez, also spelled Hafiz, in full Shams al-Din Muhammad Hafiz is one of the most well-known poets of Iran, who was born in Shiraz in 1315 and passed away 65 years later. His collected works are regarded as a pinnacle of Persian literature and are often found in the homes of every Iranian. EDUCATION […]