Iran is known as the country of four seasons. So that you visit any part of Iran, you will experience completely different weather from other parts of this country. At the same time, you can experience skiing on the snow at the Dizin ski resort, and hours later walk in the Mesr desert under the scorching sun, or drink tea on the shores of the Caspian Sea under the torrential rains!
If you want to know the Iran best time to visit, we must say that you can visit the beautiful cities of Iran in any season, but visiting some cities in some seasons has a different mood. Stay with Enterpersia to tell the best time to travel to Iran and its different cities in the four seasons of the year in this article.


The best time of year to Travel to Iran

Travel in Iran will not be limited to a specific time. Because you can have a memorable travel experience in the best parts of Iran in every season of the year. Many Iranians consider Nowruz to be the best time to travel Iran, because during Nowruz holidays, you can travel anywhere in the country and enjoy the sights and attractions of the country.


Spring, the season of blossoming and freshness

Isfahan: A trip to the beautiful city of Isfahan is highly recommended for tourists in spring and summer. Because Isfahan has very cold winters and hot summers, and this causes the number of travelers and tourists to decrease in these two seasons.

Kashan: This city is located in the central and tropical regions of Iran, and the best time to travel to it will definitely be spring to see the charms of this historical city in the pleasant spring weather. Because Kashan’s Golabgiri(Rose Water Festival) takes place in spring, the best time to travel to this city is April, which attracts many tourists every year.

Shiraz: Anyone who does not go to Shiraz in the spring and breathe in the cool air of the orange spring smell, it is as if they have not experienced the real spring. The gardens of Shiraz are full of flowers and spectacular in this season and steal the heart of every viewer.

Mahallat: Mahallat is known as the city of flowers and is referred to as the Netherlands of Iran. Spring is definitely the best time to visit the flower gardens of this city.


Summer season, hot and attractive

Kermanshah: This mountainous city of Iran has a very pleasant weather in the summer season, and with its attractive historical and natural attractions, it is one of the best tourist destinations in the summer season.
Ardabil: This green and pleasant city of Iran is one of the best summer travel destinations. By traveling to this city, you can explore different parts of the region easily by car. Of course, for the convenience and safety of the trip, it is better to use Enterpersia transportation services. For our other special services such as Iran Tour and Iran Visa, visit other parts of our site.


Autumn season, charming and seductive

Mesr Desert: one of the best tourist destinations in Iran in autumn is the central deserts of Iran, including the Mesr desert. In this season, you can be safe from the scorching heat of the desert sun and enjoy.
North of the country: North, an attractive destination that is always suggested by many people on holidays, shows its most beautiful face to travelers in spring and autumn. Of course, it goes without saying that seeing the charms of the sea on rainy days is not without pleasure, and a destination that ends at the sea is always memorable.


Winter season, cold and relaxing

Persian Gulf Islands: The best time to visit Iran islands is the winter season so that you can enjoy exploring them and visit their natural wonders.
Chabahar: Many people believe that the beaches of Chabahar are one of the best nature tourism destinations in Iran and the best time to visit Iran and in this hot and humid region is the winter season.


Final word

Traveling is always an amazing experience that remains in the memory. The travel time is directly related to the weather conditions of each region. Remember that in all parts of the world, in the month of September (between September and October), the best weather conditions are expected. Therefore, we suggest that you postpone your vacations and trips to any part of the world to this month. We have told the best time to visit Iran for each city. Enterpersia is by your side for a better choice, so keep in touch with us.


FAQ Best Time to Visit Iran

The best time to visit Iran is spring and autumn. In spring (March-May), the weather is very pleasant and the trees are all green and beautiful. In the autumn season (September-October) the weather is cool and pleasant and the trees with yellow and orange leaves add a special beauty to the cities.
The length of your stay in Iran depends on the cities you plan to visit and your type of transportation. But in general, two weeks is a best time to visit the main attractions of Iran without worrying about the lack of time.