Wherever we look in the vast land of Iran, we can see a sight-seeing attraction or a historical place. Sights that attract many tourists and travelers every year. But among them, the mountains of Iran have their own fans. The interesting thing about the Iran Mountains is that if you look in local stories and legends, you will see that these mountains were sacred to the people of those areas.
As one of the important manifestations of nature, the Persian mountains had a special effect from the perspective of the people of the past and many stories were considered for them; usually, these holy mountains were considered a place related to the kingdom and spirituality. The mountain itself was alive for them and many events could be seen from the eyes of these high mountains. In the following, we will introduce the 10 best Iran Mountains (Top 10 Mountains in Iran), so stay with us and be amazed by the natural wonders of Iran Mountains.

1. Damavand; The highest mountain in Iran

He enrolled at the Nizamiyya University in Baghdad, Iraq after he left Shiraz. He studied Islamic sciences, law, governance, history, Persian literature, and Islamic theology at the university. According to one of his poem in Golestan, he tells us that he studied under the scholar Abu’l-Faraj ibn al-Jawzi.

Damavand is one of those special Iran Mountains that has played an important role not only in the geography of Iran but also in the culture of the Iranian people. A mountain that is tied to many myths and has a sacred aspect for all Iranian people. In fact, Damavand can be called the most famous Iran Mountains, which has been registered as a national work of Iran.
Damavand with a height of 5610 meters is the only peak above 5000 meters. Another feature of this huge mountain is its volcanic nature, which has been semi-extinguished for many years, but it is also considered among the volcanic mountains of Iran.
Damavand, the highest peak of the Alborz mountain range, is located in Mazandaran province and there are various routes to climb it, but due to the difficulty and length of the route, some routes are equipped for climbers to climb.

2. Alam-Kuh; The second highest mountain in Iran

Alam-Kuh, as the second highest point in Iran, is not far from Damavand. Alam-Kuh is also located in Alborz mountain range and Mazandaran province and its height is 4850 meters and it is one the Iran top mountains.
Usually, those who decide to climb Damavand, include Alam-Kuh in their training programs before climbing, because it is a little easier to climb than Damavand, and in a way, climbers measure their strength by climbing it.
The best season to climb Alam-Kuh is summer and the months of July and August because in the colder seasons, the work becomes difficult and the risks of slipping and getting caught in snow and storms increase.

3. Sablan; A sacred height in the northwest of Iran

Sablan, as the third highest peak of Iran, is located in Ardabil province and 25 km southeast of Meshgin Shahr. Sablan is 4811 meters high and like Damavand, it is a volcanic mountain that is currently silent. The famous spas of Sablan range, its beautiful nature and its ski resort are among the tourist attractions of Sablan.
In the old writings, it is stated that this mountain was the place of worship and the sending of Zoroastrian Prophet. Some people believe that Zoroaster’s tomb is next to the lake at Sablan peak.

4. Hazaran; The highest peak in Kerman

This magnificent mountain is one of the highest peaks in Iran. The height of its peak reaches 4465 and it is considered among the peaks above 4000 meters in Iran. Hazaran is located in the south of Kerman province and in the Rhine region.

5. Azad Kuh

Iran Mountains are many and attractive, another one of them is Azad Kuh. It is 4395 meters high and is located in the Alborz mountain range. To climb Azad Kuh, you can use different villages that are all on Chalus road and their routes have different degrees of difficulty.

6. Dena Mountain

Dena is one of the famous Iran Mountains. It is the highest and, of course, the biggest fold in the Zagros mountain range, whose green path and pleasant weather is a hangout for many climbers. Dena is proud of its thousand-year-old oaks, but there are also various other herbaceous and shrub species in it, such as brown bear, leopard, wild pig, forest squirrel, weasel, lynx, Iranian yellow deer and goat are among the animals of this area.

7. Sahand Mountain

It is not without reason that Mount Sahand is known as the bride of Iran’s mountains, Sahand is one of the most wonderful Iranian mountains (one of the most amazing mountains in Iran). Due to the climatic conditions of the region, the mountain slope is very green and clean. There are several springs on the slopes of the mountain and the view of the peak is very beautiful. Mount Sahand is located in the south of Tabriz and north of Maragheh and its height is more than 3 thousand meters.

8. Martian mountains

Iran Mountains are full of wonders, the clear example of them are the mountains of Mars. They keep up with you on the side of the road. These mountains are undoubtedly one of the strangest and most beautiful mountains in Iran. The landscape of the Martian mountains is just like the pictures you have seen from Mars, not very high mountains, white and gray with many grooves. These mountains are unique not only in Iran but also in the world.

9. Zardkooh

Zardkooh is another beautiful Iran mountains that located on the Zagros mountain range. Its height is about 4,200 meters. The prominent feature of Zardkoh is having natural water reserves. The source of two rivers Karun and Zayandeh roud are in these slopes. This mountain is located between two rivers, Koohrang and Bazoft.

10. Mount Binalud

Another Iran’s mountain is the Binaloud mountain range. The height of this mountain is about 3,211 meters. Its length is 130 km and it reaches the southwest of Quchan.


Final word

Nature tourism and mountain climbing are among the favorite pastimes of most people. Iran is a country of four seasons and full of surprises. There are the highest Iran Mountains and countless tourist attractions from north to south in this vast country, which tourists always use their beautiful and pristine nature. In the end, you should know that the most beautiful Persia mountains are not only limited to these 10 mountains. Before traveling and choosing from this mountain name list (this list of mountains), we suggest you read carefully about all of them and see which mountain is the best choice for you according to your physical condition.