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22 Days 21 Nights

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Destinations | Main Attraction
  1. Masuleh
  2. Bandar-e Anzali (1 Night): Anzali Lagoon, Traditional bazaar
  3. Sabalan Mountain
  4. Tabriz (1 Night): Bazaar, Azerbaijan Museum, Kabud “Blue” Mosque, Elgoli Park
  5. Kandovan (1 Night)
  6. Zanjan (1 Night): Dome of Soltanieh
  7. Takht-e Suleiman
  8. Hamedan (1 Night): Ali-sadr cave, Tomb of Avicenna, Abbas Abad valley, Hegmatane, Ganj Nameh
  9. Golpaygan: Arg-e Googad Citadel
  10. Isfahan (3 Nights): Naghsh-e-Jahan Square, Shah MQ, Ali-qapu palace, Jame Mosque of Isfahan, Chehelsotun Palace, Isfahan traditional bazaar, Vank Cathedral, Khaju Bridge and the 33 Arches Bridge
  11. Na’in: Charming Friday Mosque 
  12. Yazd (1 Night): Fahadan, Amir Chakhmagh, Kasra house, Zurkhaneh, Jame Mosque of Yazd, Zoroastrian Fire Temple, Tower of Silence
  13. Marvdasht (1 Night)
  14. Shiraz (2 Nights): Hafiz mausoleum, Bagh-e Naranjestan, Shah Cheragh sanctuary, Shah Cheragh sanctuary, Naqsch-e Rostam, Pasargadae, tomb of Cyrus, Persepolis, Nasir-ol-Molk Mosque, Vakil Complex, Karimkhan Complex, Eram Graden, visit a local family
  15. Jahrom: Stonecutters’ cave
  16. Lar (1 Night): Traditional bazaar
  17. Qeshm Island (2 Nights): Portuguese castle, mangrove forest, Stars Valley, Chah kooh canyon, Naz Island
  18. Hormoz Island (1 Night): Rainbow beaches, Salt Mountain, Stone beach 
  19. Bandar Abbas: Hindu Temple
  20. Minab (1 Night):
  21. Tehran (3 Nights): Golestan Palace, National Museum of Iran, Tehran Grand Bazaar and Azadi Tower, Milad Tower and Tabiat Bridge
  22. IKA Airport Departure


Like leafing through a book of fairy tales, you will visit the cultural highlights of ancient Persia on this journey. From Tabriz in the north it goes via the old place of worship of the Zoroastrians, the Tacht-e Suleiman to the enchanting Isfahan – one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The mud-brick oasis city of Yazd with its characteristic wind towers and the “city of poets and roses” Shiraz are other highlights. The rarely visited south is desert-like. Heat, water and wind have created bizarre shapes that stand in stark contrast to the turquoise blue sea of ​​the Persian Gulf. The Orient spreads its arms and you can enjoy with all your senses: Lively bazaars where traders advertise their wares, the scent of oriental spices that bewitch your nose, the splendor of the colors of the filigree decorated mosques with the slender minarets or the taste of the walnut Pomegranate sauce with fragrant rice. Maybe you too will soon be reporting about this extraordinary country with sparkling eyes.


  • Nomad stay
  • Persian Culinary lessons
  • The amazing Varzaneh Desert
  • Historical Abyaneh
  • Ruins of Persian empires
  • Persian hospitality
  • Wonderful architecture and monuments


  • Iranian visa application and reference for VOA, skip the line at the airport.
  • Accommodation in top 3 and 4-star hotels
  • All transportation
  • Private air-conditioned vehicles with experienced, dedicated drivers.
  • The essential traveler’s package (Travel Insurance, Sim Card, Bank Card)
  • Admission fees to museums and monuments.
  • Mid-day refreshment
  • One complimentary meal
  • Meet and greet at the airport and private transfer to your hotel.
  • English, French, German, Russian or Spanish speaking guide.
  • Support team available 24/7
  • International Flights.
  • Visa on arrival (price varies on nationality).
  • Lunches and dinners.
  • International travel insurance.
  • Drinks, personal expenses.
  • All that’s not mentioned as included.
  • Tips for guide, driver
  • Personal expenses


<span>Day 1 Arrival > Tehran</span>

We’ll meet you at the airport as soon as you arrive and take you to your hotel. Later, we’ll do some sightseeing in Tehran and enjoy the nightlife. O/N Tehran

<span>Day 2 Tehran > Masuleh > Bandar-e Anzali </span>

You leave the Iranian capital early in the morning heading northwest. Your first destination is the idyllic village of Masuleh in the Alborz Mountains, which you can reach on a short hike. Located in the midst of dense forests, the houses plastered with light clay nestle in terraces on a steep mountain slope. The roofs of the houses serve as walkways for the level above. Continue to Bandar-e Anzali, the main port city on the Caspian Sea. In the late afternoon, weather permitting, you will take a boat trip to the Anzali Lagoon, which is a strictly protected area. The lagoon is home to endemic plants and a large number of different bird species. In the evening you will meet for a welcome dinner in a fish restaurant. O/N Bandar-e Anzali

<span>Day 3   Bandar-e Anzali > Tabriz </span>

Through beautiful mountain landscapes and past the Sabalan (4811 m), the second highest volcano in Iran, you drive to Tabriz - a lively university town and the most important metropolis in the north. In the evening there may be some time to stroll in El Goli Park. O/N Tabriz

<span>Day 4 Tabriz > Kandovan</span>

In Tabriz it is worth visiting the Azerbaijan Museum and the historical bazaar, which is under UNESCO protection. Later marvel at the Blue Mosque, a masterpiece of decorative architectural adornment. After lunch break, continue to Kandovan. On a short hike you will roam through the picturesque village, where tuff cones and menhir-shaped houses dominate the scenery. O/N Kandovan

<span>Day 5 Kandovan > Zanjan</span>

Head southeast first to the small town of Soltaniye. There is a beautiful caravanserai on the way, which will bring you closer to life on the Silk Road. The domed building of the Öldscheitü Mausoleum, which is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site and was built around 1300, can be seen from afar. Today Soltaniye is a small, tranquil place whose great history is visible in a multitude of imposing buildings. Drive to Zanjan. O/N Zanjan

<span>Day 6 Zanjan > Takht-e Suleiman > Hamadan</span>

On your way to Hamadan, visit one of the country's most important historical sites, the Takh-e Suleiman, the Throne of Solomon. It is a complex of buildings consisting of a palace, fire temple and fortifications from the Sasanian period. The UNESCO World Heritage Site is picturesquely situated on a lake at an altitude of almost 2000 m. Afterwards drive to Hamadan. Near the town in beautiful mountainous surroundings with a waterfall and a cable car are two cuneiform tablets carved into a rock from the Achaemenid period O/N Hamadan

<span>Day 7 Hamadan > Isfahan </span>

In the morning we visit Hamadan. You will visit the excavation sites at the settlement hill of Hegmataneh and the mausoleum of the great Persian physician Avicenna. On the way to Isfahan, stop to visit the impressive Arg-e Googad Citadel, which now also houses a hotel. Finally you will reach the beautiful city of Isfahan with all its impressive sights. Overnight at hotel. O/N Yazd

<span>Day 8 Isfahan </span>

Undoubtedly, Isfahan is considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world. You will start your sightseeing program on the stunning Meidān-e Emām (UNESCO). Under Shah Abbas I, this square got its current appearance. It is lined by the Imam Mosque, completely decorated with turquoise faience, by the Safavid Palace Ali-Qapu and the small Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque with its unique asymmetrical facade. Continue to the garden palace Chehel Sotun (UNESCO): 20 wooden columns are reflected in the palace's water basin. In the late afternoon, take a stroll through the historic bazaar, located in the arcades surrounding the square.

<span>Day 9 Isfahan </span>

In the morning you will visit the Jame Mosque (UNESCO), which reflects the different stylistic epochs of Islamic architecture like no other building. Afterwards, look around the Armenian quarter of Jolfa and visit the Vank Cathedral. Take a walk and see the wonderful 33-arch Si-o-se Pol Bridge and the nearby Khaju Bridge, which crosses the Eternal River. O/N Shiraz

<span>Day 10 Isfahan > Yazd </span>

In the morning you leave Isfahan towards Yazd. You will stop in Na'in to visit one of Iran's oldest religious buildings, a charming Friday Mosque dating back to 960. In addition, you will be introduced to the secrets of the Persians in a carpet factory. Before reaching Yazd, make one more stop at Chak Chak. The village, clinging spectacularly to the rock, is an important pilgrimage site. Here you will visit the keepers of the eternal fire of the Zoroastrians. Arriving in the oasis of Yazd, you will visit the most beautiful square in the city, which is dominated by the facade of the former AmirChaqmaq Mosque. O/N Yazd

<span>Day 11 Yazd> Pasargadae </span>

In Yazd, stroll through the old town made of mud bricks (UNESCO) with its winding streets. Other sights include the Jame Mosque (Friday Mosque) and a visit to a Zurkhaneh - literally "House of Power" - a traditional sports venue. In the afternoon, leave Yazd and drive to the ancient Persian royal city of Pasargadae (UNESCO), where you will make a stop. to visit the ruins Overnight in MarvDasht near Persepolis. O/N Marvdasht

<span>Day 12 Pasargadae > Persepolis > Shiraz  </span>

The day begins grandiosely with a visit to Persepolis (UNESCO), one of the most fascinating ruins in the world. The residential city founded by Darius the Great impresses above all with the huge palace buildings. Anyone who has seen the reliefs of Apadana or stood in the Hall of Hundred Columns will never forget this moment. Continue to Naqsh-e Rostam. There you will see the rock tombs of the Achaemenids, the Zoroastrian fire sanctuary and Sasanian rock carvings. In the evening you will reach Shiraz and enjoy the unique atmosphere at sunset at the mausoleum of Hafiz, the most important Persian poet who is still much recited to this day. A nice visit to the tea house brings the impressive day to a relaxed close. O/N Shiraz

<span>Day 13 Shiraz </span>

Enjoy sightseeing in the pleasantly green city of Shiraz, the "City of Poets and Roses". The program includes highlights such as the Karim Khan Citadel, the Vakil Mosque with the bazaar and bathhouse of the same name, the Nasir-ol-Molk Mosque with its extraordinary light displays inside, and the Shah Cheragh Shrine. Enjoy a walk through the Eram Garden (Paradise Garden, UNESCO). In the evening you will get unique insights into the everyday life of an Iranian family while cooking together and can enjoy a typical Persian meal. Overnight stay as the day before. O/N Shiraz

Drive southeast from Shiraz to Lar. On the way stop at Jahrom to explore an impressive cave. A stroll through the traditional bazaar in Lar is a great way to stretch your feet after a long drive. O/N Lar

<span>Day 15 Lar > BandarAbas > Qeshm Island </span>

Today you reach the Persian Gulf. From the port in Pohl you take a ferry to Laft on Qeshm. It is the largest island in Iran and is known for its unique nature. Since 2017 it belongs to the protected UNESCO Geoparks. Arrived on the island, you immediately go on a tour and visit the old harbor and the traditional shipbuilders who have been doing this craft very well for centuries. Take a boat trip into a mangrove forest. O/N Qeshm

<span>Day 16 Qeshm Island </span>

Take the whole day to marvel at the scenic features of the island of Qeshm. At the first stop you embark on a hike into the bizarre rock formations of the Star Valley. Wind and water have created fantastic structures. The absolute highlight of the day is the hike into the Chaku Gorge in the afternoon. Erosion has dug a mile-long walk-able gorge into the soft sedimentary rock. The bizarre ocher walls rise vertically – an impressive scenario. A boat trip takes you to the offshore island of Naz. In the evening you can reflect on the beautiful day with a traditional seafood meal. O/N Qeshm

<span>Day 17 Qeshm Island > Hormoz Island </span>

In the morning you will be transferred to the airport. In about 2 hours you fly to Tehran. Depending on the flight schedule, you will start with the city tour. On your itinerary is Azadi Square with the famous Freedom Tower and one of the most attractive shrines (Imamzadeh Saleh) in the city with its very photogenic twin minarets and dome covered all over with beautiful patterned turquoise tiles. If time permits, you can browse the associated bazaar. Afterwards you will visit the huge area of ​​the summer residence of the Shah of Persia and, if possible, the modern Tabiat Bridge or the mausoleum of the Shiite cleric Ayatollah Khomeini.

<span>Day 18 Hormoz Island > Bandar Abbas > Minab</span>

In the morning take a walk around the island. After crossing to BandarAbbas, you will visit the most beautiful sights of the country's largest and most important port city on the Persian Gulf. A Hindu temple is particularly surprising – the influence of the Indians was very large here in the past. As on Qeshm and Hormuz, in BandarAbbas and along the Iranian coast some women wear masks, which vary mainly according to religious affiliation. O/N Minab

<span>Day 19 BandarAbbas > Tehran </span>

In the morning you will be transferred to the airport. In about 2 hours you fly to Tehran. Depending on the flight schedule, you will start with the city tour. On your itinerary is Azadi Square with the famous Freedom Tower and one of the most attractive shrines (Imamzadeh Saleh) in the city with its very photogenic twin minarets and dome covered all over with beautiful patterned turquoise tiles. If time permits, you can browse the associated bazaar. Afterwards you will visit the huge area of ​​the summer residence of the Shah of Persia and, if possible, the modern Tabiat Bridge or the mausoleum of the Shiite cleric Ayatollah Khomeini. O/N Tehran

<span>Day 20 Tehran </span>

After breakfast, continue your sightseeing in the city, starting with an extended visit to the National Museum. Then the famous Golestan Palace (UNESCO) awaits you. Until the establishment of the Islamic Republic, it was the official seat of government of the Persian monarch. If the weather is good, you can enjoy a fantastic view over Tehran from the Borj-e Milad TV tower. At 435 m, it is the tallest tower in the country and the sixth tallest television tower in the world. In the evening, a farewell dinner awaits you in a traditional restaurant. O/N Tehran

According to your flight time, our representative will pick you up at the hotel on time and send you to Imam Khomeini International Airport. Wish you a smooth journey home.


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Frequently asked questions

Iran is one of the safest countries in Iran with the kindest people and welcoming citizens. Even for solo travelers, there’s absolutely nothing to worry about!

All tours are performed for small groups and large groups. The number of the travelers can vary from 2 to 8

Based on the number of the travelers, the transportation varies from cars to vans and buses.

All tours include the essential traveler’s package, domestic tickets, breakfasts, accommodation and guide as well as some free optional activities.

Iran is a four-seasonal country but the best still, for a more pleasant experience you can travel in spring, fall or the end of summer.

Since international credit cards don’t work in Iran, you can either carry a lot of cash or get a Persian bank car which will be included on our essential traveler’s package.

In each city, we spend our nights in lovely, cozy hotels. We’ll also spend one night in desert. We either camp or choose a traditional house.


Enter Persia’s essential traveler’s package includes visa, insurance, sim card, arrival and departure transfers, and a Persian bank card in case you want to avoid carrying a lot of cash.

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