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30 days 29 nights

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Daily Tour

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8 people


Chinese, English, Espanol, Francais

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30 days

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Minimum 2 Participants

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car/ van/ ferry

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all breakfasts and 5 dinners

Iran 30 Days Tour





Destinations | Main Attraction

Tabriz, Kandovan, Ardabil, Qazvin, Alamut, Rasht, Masouleh, Tehran, Kerman, Lut Desert, Bam, Hamedan, Kashan, Isfahan, Yazd, Bafgh, Qeshm, Hormoz, Firouz Abad, Shiraz

Persian Deserts, Persian Gulf Islands, Persian Gardens, Persian Bazaars, Islamic architecture, Cultural Sights, Nature, Jungles, Villages, … 


Welcome to Persia! Land of culture, wonders, spectacular nature and the most hospitable people! Here on this amazing tour, we’re going to show you ALL wonders of our adorable country from north to south, help you soak in a totally local atmosphere and experience an unforgettable journey like no other! Visit all historical and classical sights of Iran, explore the spectacular nature, relax by the pristine beaches of Persian Gulf, spend time with nomads of Fars, connect with mysterious deserts, hangout with locals and make the best of this journey! We’ll start this trip from Tabriz and spend 2 days over there, later we’ll visit the historical village of Kandovan with a wonderful architecture and beautiful nature! Then, after spending one day exploring Ardabil, we’ll go to the spectacular crowfoot village of Masouleh right by the green forests of the North where we’re gonna take a nice hike! Later, we’ll spend a day in the city of rain, Rasht, and  then we’ll move to Qazvin and the breathtaking Alamut. On the 9th day of our journey, we’ll visit the capital of Iran, Tehran, and we’ll spend 2 days exploring this metropolitan city. Then, we’ll visit Hamedan and enjoy the nice history as well as the beautiful nature, and later we’ll move to Kashan and Abyaneh where we can enjoy magnificent Persian architecture. And on the 15th day of our trip, we’ll get to the highlight of this journey, the amazing Isfahan! We’ll spend 2 days exploring this spiritual city with wonderful views, lovely people and perfect gastronomy! Later, we’ll head to central parts of Iran, Yazd and Kerman, from where we’re gonna take our unforgettable journey to Lut Desert! We’ll spend 2 days soaking in absolute peace, wonder and serenity of the desert and take long walks, go off-roading and camp with fellas. Then we’ll spend a day in Bam and enjoy some historical sights and finally, it would be time to explore the South of Iran and its miraculous islands. We’ll spend 3 days visiting Qeshm and Hormoz in Persian Gulf and relax by the pristine beaches as well as enjoying a wonderful nature. The last spot we’re gonna check out would be Shiraz, but before that, we’ll spend a day with nomads of Firouz Abad and experience their lives. Finally, we’ll visit Shiraz, one of Iran’s most beautiful cities with an extraordinary history and culture! Explore the whole country for an entire month and you won’t miss a single thing!

Tour's Location

from north to to south 30days-compressed


  • Historical village of Kandovan
  • The amazing Masouleh
  • Spectacular nature of Alamut
  • Persian history, culture and architecture
  • A night in Bafgh Desert
  • The Miraculous Lut Desert
  • Persian pristine beaches of Qeshm and Hormoz
  • Nomad stay
  • Persian culinary lessons
  • Camping and cooking in the desert
  • Persian hospitality


  • Essential traveler's package (visa, insurance, airport transfer, sim card, bank card)
  • Entrance fees (as mentioned in the itinerary)
  • Accommodation
  • Breakfasts
  • Domestic flights and tickets
  • Driver
  • Guide
  • Snacks and water
  • Additional Services
  • Taxes
  • Lunch and dinner
  • International air fair


<span> Day 1 Arrival > Tabriz </span>

Welcome to Persia! As soon as you arrive, we'll meet you at the airport, deliver your purchased packages and take you to your hotel. After you get some rest, we'll start sightseeing in Tabriz and enjoy the company of the amazing people. We'll spend a lovely evening in Il-Goli Complex. O/N Tabriz

<span> Day 2 Tabriz </span>

We'll spend the entire day exploring Tabriz and visit Tabriz Grand Bazaar, Il-Goli, Jame Mosque of Tabriz, Constitution House and the Museum of Sound and Musique. Later, we'll enjoy the nightlife of Tabriz. O/N Tabriz

<span> Day 3 Tabriz > Kandovan </span>

In the morning, we'll head to the amazing Kandovan village with the coolest, rocky architecture and beautiful stories to hear. You can purchase the greatest, purest honey from this place and enjoy the lovely views and people of this place. O/N Kandovan

<span> Day 4 Kandovan > Ardabil </span>

In the morning, we'll go to Ardabil, a beautiful city in the North-East of Iran. There, we're gonna visit Sheikh Sadi al-din Khanegah and Shrine Ensemple, Jame Mosque of Ardabil and Shoorabil Lake. O/N Ardabil

<span> Day 5 Ardabil > Masouleh </span>

In the morning, we drive to the amazing Masouleh, a village with this spectacular architecture, wonderful views and inexplicable vibes! We'll do some sightseeing around the town and later, have a nice hike into the woods. The nature and atmosphere of this place will blow your mind! O/N Masouleh

<span> Day 6 Masouleh > Rasht </span>

Let's head to Rasht, city of rain in Iran! As soon as we arrive, we'll explore the city and visit Shahrdari Square and Rasht Grand Bazaar. Here is full of wonderful cafes with the coolest vibes, loveliest locals and cutest neighborhoods. We're also gonna try the most amazing Persian cuisine here (Guilaki food) O/N Rasht

<span> Day 7 Rasht > Qazvin </span>

In the morning, we drive to Qazvin where we can visit Caravanserai of Sa'ad-al-Saaltaneh, Aminiha Hosseiniyeh, Qajar Bathhouse & Anthropology Museuem, Bist Sotoun and Cantor Church. O/N Qazvin

<span> Day 8 Alamut </span>

Early in the morning, we'll go to the amazing Alamut with the most spectacular sights. We'll enjoy the nature and later, we either return to our hotel in Qazvin or camp in the amazing nature if you were interested. O/N Qazvin or Alamut

<span> Day 9 Qazvin > Tehran </span>

In the morning, we'll go to the capital of Iran, Tehran. We'll start sightseeing and visit Tehran Grand Bazaar and have lunch in one of Tehran's most famous restaurants. Later, we'll visit the UNESCO World Heritage, Golestan Palace and in the evening, we'll enjoy the nightlife of Tehran. O/N Tehran

<span> Day 10 Tehran </span>

This entire day belongs to Tehran and we are going to explore the city and visit the National Museum of Iran, Niavaran and Saad Abad Complex, National Treasury of Jewels and modern parts of the city. O/N Tehran

<span> Day 11 Tehran > Hamedan </span>

In the morning, we'll leave for the ancient city of Hamedan and visit the wonderful Alisadr Cave on the way with a lovely nature. Then, we'll go to Lalijan and enjoy pottery workshops. O/N Hamedan

<span> Day 12 Hamedan </span>

Hamedan is one of the oldest cities in Iran and here we're going to visit Ganjnameh, Gonbad Alavian, Hegmataneh and Avicenna Tomb. O/N Hamedan

<span> Day 13 Hamedan > Kashan </span>

Early in the morning, we drive to Kashan, the city of old, Persian houses and wonderful stories. We'll spend the night with locals and enjoy the peaceful vibes of this town. O/N Kashan

<span> Day 14 Kashan </span>

Today, we'll be exploring our lovely Kashan and visit Bagh-e-Fin, Tabatabei's House, Borujerdi House and Agha Bozorg Mosque. Later, we'll go to Kashan Bazaar and enjoy the ancient vibes. O/N Kashan

<span> Day 15 Kashan > Abyaneh > Isfahan </span>

On this day, we'll drive to the historical village of Abyaneh and see Harpak Fire Temple, Hinza Shrine and the ancient texture of the city. Later, we head to Isfahan and spend the night in the lovely neighborhood of Jolfa. O/N Isfahan

<span> Day 16 Isfahan </span>

Prepare your minds to blow from all the beauty you're gonna see today! We start today's journey from the Glorious Naghsh-e-Jahan and all monuments around this place. We'll visit Aali-Qapu, Sheikh-Lotfollah Mosque, Shah Mosque and Qeisarieh Bazaar. Later, We'll go to Chehel Sotoun and Jame Mosque of Isfahan. We'll also have the coolest Persian foods here! O/N Isfahan

<span> Day 17 Isfahan > Yazd </span>

Early in the morning, we'll drive to Yazd, an ancient town with an adorable old neighborhood and lovely people. Later, we'll visit Amirchakhmagh, the old Bazaar and the amazing Fahadan. We'll enjoy the loveliest sunset on a rooftop in the old neighborhood and hangout with others. O/N Yazd

<span> Day 18 Yazd </span>

Today, we'll explore Yazd and visit Tower of Silence, the Zoroastrian Fire Temple, Dolat Abad Garden, Jame Mosque of Yazd and the amazing Fahadan. O/N Yazd

<span> Day 19 Yazd > Kerman </span>

As soon as we have breakfast in Yazd, we'll drive to Kerman from where we can start our amazing adventure to Lut. We'll spend this day in Kerman and do sightseeing around the town in Ganjali Khan Complex, Fath Abad Garden and Shazdeh Garden. O/N Kerman

Early in the morning, we'll venture for the spectacular Lut Desert of Iran! We'll Visit Ghale-Darestan and Tale-Atashin, later, we'll head to Aab-Yalan, visit Cheshme-Aab-Yalan and in the evening, we'll camp on the Star Hills and enjoy the night sky. O/N Lut

<span> Day 21 Lut </span>

After having breakfast, we'll move to Boland-Nadideh above the Star Hills. Later, we'll head to the dunes of Lut and in the evening, we'll camp in the Lost City. O/N Lut

<span> Day 22 Lut > Bam </span>

In the morning, we'll move from the Lost City to Kafe-Gazi and visit the seasonal river of Lut and we'll have lunch by the Kalouts of Lut. Then we'll go to Bam and spend the night there. O/N Bam

<span> Day 23 Bam > Bandar Abbas > Qeshm </span>

Let's relax a bit by the amazing Persian Gulf! In the morning, we'll head to Bandar Abbas and later, take the ferry to Qeshm, Persian Gulf's largest island with the most beautiful sights. We'll spend the evening by the beach, try local foods and hangout with the people. O/N Qeshm

<span> Day 24 Qeshm </span>

After having an amazing night in Qeshm, today we'll explore the island and visit Chahkouh Canyon, Valley of Stars, Mangrove Forests, the Portuguese Castle and Qeshm old bazaar. We'll spend the night by the beach and enjoy the company of each other and some southern music. O/N Qeshm

<span> Day 25 Qeshm > Hormoz </span>

In the morning, we'll take the first ferry to Hormoz and explore this wonderful, colorful island of Persian Gulf. We'll visit Silver and Red beach of Hormoz, Valley of the Statues, Rainbow Valley and later, enjoy the most peaceful sunset in serenity. We're gonna have the most delicious meals and enjoy the nightlife of southerners of Iran. O/N Hormoz

<span> Day 26 Hormoz > Bandar Abbas > Firuz Abad </span>

Let's head to another highlight of this trip! The ancient Firuz Abad and our stay with nomads of Fars! In the morning, we take the ferry to Bandar Abbas and later drive to Firuz Abad where we'll meet our nomad hosts and spend the night with them. O/N Firuz Abad

<span> Day 27 Firuz Abad </span>

This entire day will be spent with the amazing nomads. You get to live their lives, do what they do, hangout with them and see the world through their eyes. We'll also do sightseeing around Firuz Abad and enjoy the nature and stories of this place. O/N Firuz Abad

<span> Day 28 Firuz Abad > Shiraz </span>

Shiraz is the last city will explore. In the morning we head to this beautiful city and explore it. We'll visit Vakil Complex, Karim khan Complex, Eram Garden and Narenjestan Ghavam. People of Shiraz are lively and fun, we'll enjoy a cool nightlife with them! O/N Shiraz

<span> Day 29 Shiraz </span>

Today, we'll head to Nasir-ol-Molk Mosque early in the morning to catch the best light and view of this place. Later, we'll go to the miraculous Persepolis and Pasargadae. As soon as we're done with visiting the very first empire of Persia, we return to Shiraz and have a fun culinary lesson where you'll cook your own Persian dinner! O/N Shiraz

On our last day in Persia, we're gonna do some more sightseeing before departure and say goodbye to Iran! Later, you'll be taken to the airport to catch your flight and return home. We hope to see you again soon!


30 days



Frequently asked questions

Iran is a four-seasonal country and the weather would be best in spring and fall, specially since we'll travel to the southern islands and deserts of Iran, it would be better to travel between October to December or March to May.

Iran is one of the safest countries in the Middle-East with the kindest people and welcoming citizens. Even for solo travelers, there’s absolutely nothing to worry about!

All tours are performed for small groups and large groups. The number of the travelers can vary from 2 to 8

Based on the number of the travelers, the transportation varies from cars to vans and buses. We'll be also off-roading in Lut Desert for 3 days.

All tours include the essential traveler’s package, domestic tickets, breakfasts, accommodation and guide as well as some free optional activities.

This tour covers ALL historical cities, natural resorts and experiences a traveler would want. You'll explore the classical routes of Iran, the central desert of Iran, Islands of Persian Gulf, green forests of south, valleys, a stay with nomads of Fars and you'll try the best, genuine cuisine.

Since international credit cards don’t work in Iran, you can either carry a lot of cash or get a Persian bank car which will be included on our essential traveler’s package.

In each city, we'll spend the night in cozy, lovely hotels with the best facilities. We'll also spend 2 nights camping under the stars in the desert and 2 nights with nomads.

Enter Persia’s essential traveler’s package includes visa, insurance, sim card, arrival and departure transfers, and a Persian bank card in case you want to avoid carrying a lot of cash.


This tour covers absolutely EVERYTHING you'd like to see in Iran for an entire month. From Persian culture and history to the amazing nature, desert and beaches with nomad stays and Persian culinary lessons!

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