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7 days 6 nights

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8 Days 9 Nights

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Destinations | Main Attraction
  1. Tehran
  2. Kerman
  3. Bam (8 Nights): The amazing Lut, Kaluts, Zaban-e-Mar, Yaran, Tal-e-Atashin
  4. IKA Airport Departure

Good to know

  • The best time for this trip is from early September to late April
  • There’s a possibility the itinerary might change based on the time of arrival and departure of the travelers
  • This expedition travels to remote places, far away from the usual tourism. Due to the long distances, high temperatures and the nature of the expedition, the journey is physically and mentally challenging. Overnight in tents for 7 consecutive days.
    Deviations from the itinerary described here are possible at any time and without prior notice. It is precisely this flexibility that allows our travel groups to discover new and exciting regions.
    Of course, this will not change the character of the trip. Your Expedition Guide will discuss any discrepancies with the tour group. However, the decision on the route rests solely with your tour guide


Lut Desert and Dashte Kavir. These two vast deserts consist of sub-regional deserts and here you can see the spectacular Kalouts and observe the night sky. Lut is like a wonder in Persia and you’d go mad with the sights over start this journey from Bam and head to different parts of Lut. During these 7 days, we’ll go off-roading and explore wonderful parts of the deserts, dunes, Kalouts and even the seasonal spring of the area. We’ll camp under the stars for a few nights, cook in the middle of the desert and drown in a transcendent atmosphere!  tour, we’ll help you have a super exciting and adventurous journey with a team of professionals where you can make inexplicable experiences and have the BEST time!


  • The marvels of Lut Desert
  • Persian cuisine
  • Off-roading and camping
  • Night sky of the desert
  • Fun activities in the desert
  • Extreme adventure


  • Accommodation and camping equipment
  • All meals
  • Driver
  • Guide
  • Snacks and water
  • None


<span> Day 1 </span>

Your tour guide will be waiting for you at the airport and will take you to the hotel.

<span> Day 2 </span>

On the first day, we'll start our journey from Bam and visit Ghale-Darestan and the ancient Tal-e-Atashin. Later, we'll go to Aab-Yalan hills and visit Aab-Yalan Spring where we'll camp for lunch. In the evening, we head to the Star Hills, visit the area and camp for night.

<span> Day 3 </span>

After having breakfast, we'll set off from Boland-Nadideh to Chale-Roubah and have lunch there. After lunch, we'll move to Kafe-Gazi, camp in the western Yalan hills and enjoy the sunset of the desert.

<span> Day 4 </span>

In the morning, we'll head to the northern sides of Lut, close to Kafe-Gazi and the great dunes of Yalan. After having lunch in Yaran, we head to Dagh-e-Koursi through central Dasht-e-Lut and camp by the eastern Kaluts of Lut.

<span> Day 5 </span>

As soon as we have breakfast, we'll go to Zaban-e-Maar Valley, visit the area and have lunch there. Later, we'll head to the Kaluts and camp there for the night and enjoy a marvelous night sky!

In the morning, we'll set off for Cheshm-e-Lut in the central Dasht where we'll camp for lunch. Later, we'll head to the great dunes, the great halls (Dalan) and camp for the night.

<span> Day 7 </span>

On this day, we'll visit Malek Mohammad Mountain in the morning which is the only great mountain in Lut. After that, we'll move to Neibandan for lunch and finally, from Neibandan to Shadad where we can also visit the seasonal lake of Kaluts. We'll spend the night in Shadad.

<span> Day 8 </span>

Today, we'll enjoy Shahdad, visit the attractions, go camel-riding and have lunch in the desert. Later, we'll go back to Kerman.

The end of the journey In the morning we will be transferred to the airport and leave Kerman and Flight to Tehran.


7 days



Frequently asked questions

Iran is one of the safest countries in Iran with the kindest people and welcoming citizens. Even for solo travelers, there’s absolutely nothing to worry about!

7 days and 6 nights

All tours are performed for small groups and large groups. The number of the travelers can vary from 2 to 8.

Since we're going in the desert, our transport would be off-road cars.

This tour includes accommodation and camping equipment, transportation, professional guides, all meals, snacks and some fun activities in the desert.

The best time to visit a desert is for sure in spring, fall or winter.

Since international credit cards don’t work in Iran, you can either carry a lot of cash or get a Persian bank car which will be included on our essential traveler’s package.

On this journey, we'll camp for 5 nights in the desert with a team of professionals who take care of everything, and one night in a traditional hostel.


Enter Persia’s essential traveler’s package includes visa, insurance, sim card, arrival and departure transfers, and a Persian bank card in case you want to avoid carrying a lot of cash.

8 out of 10

You can either start a new journey or go to Tehran and fly back home. Enter Persia will take care of every single thing for you!

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