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9 days and 8 nights

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Daily Tour

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8 people


Chinese, English, Espanol, Francais

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9 Days 8 Nights

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Minimum 2 Participants

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car/ van

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9 Breakfasts





Destinations | Main Attraction
  1. Tehran (2 Night): Golestan Palace, National Museum of Iran, Tehran Grand Bazaar and Azadi Tower
  2. Kashan (1 Night): Tabatabaii  and Broujerdi Historical House, Agha Bozorg Mosque, Fin Garden,  Sultan Amir Ahmad Bath
  3. Isfahan (2 Nights): Naghsh-e-Jahan Square,Shah MQ, Ali-qapu palace, Jame Mosque of Isfahan, Chehelsotun Palace, , Isfahan traditional bazaar, Vank Cathedral, Sio-se-pol bridge
  4. Yazd (1 Night): Fahadan, Amir Chakhmagh, Jame Mosque of Yazd, Zoroastrian Fire Temple, Tower of Silence
  5.  Shiraz (2 Nights): Pasargadae, Persepolis, Nasir-ol-Molk Mosque, Vakil Complex, Karimkhan Complex, Eram Graden, Ali Ibn Hmaza holy shrine
  6. Departure 


We are pleased to have the honor of introducing you to a special tour for special women. On this 9-day tour you will experience parts of an Iranian woman’s life. We will start our journey from the great capital of iran. During this ten-day trip, while visiting historical places in iran, we will experience different aspects of women’s life in iran. Therefore, by wearing special and traditional clothes of the women of each city, listening to the stories of famous iranian women and experience special women’s job, we will try to create a different journey for you. In this unique experience, we will start our journey from Tehran and after visiting Kashan, Isfahan, Yazd, we will finish our journey by exploring the city of poetry and literature, Shiraz.


  • Best of Iran's cultural sights
  • Hang out with locals
  • Persian gastronomy
  • Persian hospitality
  • Iranian art and architecture
  • Oldest Persian empire


  • Iranian visa application and reference for VOA, skip the line at the airport.
  • Accommodation in top 3 and 4-star hotels
  • All transportation
  • Private air-conditioned vehicles with experienced, dedicated drivers.
  • The essential traveler’s package (Travel Insurance, Sim Card, Bank Card)
  • Admission fees to museums and monuments.
  • Mid-day refreshment
  • One complimentary meal
  • Meet and greet at the airport and private transfer to your hotel.
  • Domestic flight Tehran to Shiraz with transfers.
  • English, French, German, Russian or Spanish speaking guide.
  • Support team available 24/7
  • International Flights.
  • Visa on arrival (price varies on nationality).
  • Lunches and dinners.
  • International travel insurance.
  • Drinks, personal expenses.
  • All that’s not mentioned as included.
  • tips for guide, driver
  • personal expenses


<span>Day 1 Arrival  Tehran</span>

You will arrive at Tehran airport in the afternoon and you will be transferred to the hotel to take rest. According to the time of your arrival in Iran, we will visit some attractions.

<span>Day 2 Tehran ></span>

Day 2: TEHRAN In the morning we will visit Golestan Palace. Golestan Palace is one of the palaces of Zandieh and Qajar period and is located in the center of Tehran. later,We will visit the National Treasury of Iran (on certain days of the week).If you are one of those people interested in jewellery, a unique treasure such as the national jewellery coffers will surprise you. As the last place in the big city of Tehran, we will visit The Grand Bazaar of Tehran. This market, which is one of the largest markets in Iran, is a place of familiar name in economic, historical and cultural fields. For lunch, we will try one of the most popular dishes among Iranians. Mince stew (khoresh gheymeh), which is one of the main dishes of Tehran, is a combination of red meat, tomato paste, fried onion, pea and Omani lemon. We have planned a happy afternoon for you that will surprise you, Iranian dance class. In this class you are going to learn iranian women’s dance with one of the dance instructor and have lots of fun.

<span>Day 3 Tehran > Kashan</span>

In the morning, after breakfast, we head towards Kashan. Kashan is the city of historic houses, the city of flowers and rose water, the capital of the world carpet. we will go to the House of Tabatabai. This house is considered as the bride of Iran's historic houses. The house was built during the Qajar era by Haj Sayyid Ja'far Tabatabai Natanzi. After that, we will see the Borujerdi House. This house is known as one of the most beautiful buildings left over from the Qajar era. We will visit the historical house of Ameriha as well. For lunch we will try one of kashan's most popular dishes, sumac water dumplings. The ingredients of this dish are minced meat, chickpea flour, onions and sumac. This afternoon we are going to teach you one of the original Iranian arts, which is one of the main occupations of kashanian women. Carpet weaving is on the list of UNESCO’s spiritual heritage, and today one of the weaving women will teach you this art.

<span>Day 4 Kashan> Isfahan</span>

In the morning, we will visit Fin Garden and Fin Bath in Kashan. This garden and its buildings are related to the Safavid era. Kashan's Fin Bath is where Naser al-Din Shah killed his chancellor, Amir Kabir. Then we will move toward Isfahan. On our way to Isfahan, we will have a short visit to the red village of Abyaneh and enjoy the combination of the pristine view of the desert and mountains. After arriving in Isfahan, we will go to the hotel for a rest. In the evening, we will visit The Khajoo Bridge in Isfahan and try another Isfahan food, also known as Isfahan souvenirs. If you are a fan of sweet snacks, the memorable taste of Isfahan GAZ will surprise you. The ingredients of this delicious sweetness are gazangabin, sugar, egg whites, almond or pistachio kernels, cardamom and rose water.

<span>Isfahan> </span>

In the morning, after breakfast, We will visit the Naksha Jahan Square (UNESCO), the huge Imam Mosque, which is decorated with half a million mosaic tiles; Shah Abbas Mosque (UNESCO), Ali Qapu Palace, Çhehel Sotun Palace (UNESCO). Since Isfahan is a religious city, you can see several mosques in each area. We will wear Chador that some Iranian women use as Hijab and visit sheikh Lotfullah Mosque and take memorable photos. Tonight, You will definitely experience something that ordinary travelers don't always get to do. We will go to a guest house - to an ordinary house of local residents, to a Persian family, to get acquainted with real customs and traditions.

<span>Day 6 Isfahan> Yazd</span>

In the morning we will travel to Yazd with our mechanical camels to hear the story of the old fire. Yazd is the first raw clay city in the world and the first historical city of Iran is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. We will start our sightseeing tour of this region from the Tower of Silence, which is located outside the city limits on a 150-meter-high mountain. Nearby we will also find interesting buildings for performing various rituals. The Zoroastrian temple (or Atashkade, where the holy fire has been burning since 474 mm), Amir Chakhmaq Square, Jame Mosque in the old quarter Fahadan. Then we will have a visit to Dolatabad Garden, one of the gardens registered in the UNESCO World Heritage List. This beautiful garden located in chahar minareh neighborhood is one of the oldest gardens in Yazd city. For lunch today, we will try one of Yazdi's savory dishes called chickpea mince stew (KHORESH GHEYMEH NOKHOD). In this stew, chickpeas are used instead of peas and have a saffron color. We have dedicated this afternoon to visit a beauty salon and you can use its services like Iranian women.

<span>Day 7 Yazd > Shiraz</span>

On our way to Shiraz, we will visit one of the oldest living things in the world. Cypress of Abarkuh with a life of approximately 4,500 years is the second oldest tree in the world. Today we will have a visit to the pride of every Iranian, Persepolis. The complex is known as a relic of the world's largest empire, the Achaemenid Empire. One of the traditional foods of Shiraz, which has many siders and probably in the near future you will be one of them, is kalam polo shirazi. It combines cabbage, onions, fragrant vegetables, spice, rice, meat. Then we will visit the Pasargadae Complex, the tomb of Cyrus the Great. Then we will visit Pasargadae Persian Garden. This garden, which is the first Iranian garden built in Pasargadae complex, is also known as the architectural root of Iranian gardens.

<span>Day 8 Shiraz </span>

In the morning we will visit Karim Khan Citadel. Here is a combination of military and residential architecture, this citadel has got beautiful tiny rooms and this bath house with lots of cool vibes. Then we will drive to Abade for unique experience of living with nomads. We spend the night under the Siahi chador and cook dinner with nomadic women.

<span>Day 9 Shiraz > Departure</span>

After eating breakfast, we will return to Shiraz and in the afternoon, we will visit Eram Garden. Imagine visiting one of the most beautiful gardens in the world with amazing vegetation in the outside and this beautiful, colorful mansion in the middle of the garden! Take in as much beauty as you can! finally, you'll be taken to the airport to fly back home.


9 days



Frequently asked questions

Iran is one of the safest countries in the world with the kindest people and welcoming citizens. Even for solo travelers, there’s absolutely nothing to worry about!

8 days and 7 nights

All tours are performed for small groups and large groups. The number of the travelers can vary from 2 to 8.

You can use taxi, bus, subway and online cabs in each city and from one city to the other, you'll travel by bus.

This tour includes the essential traveler’s package, cozy accommodation, breakfasts, and bus tickets from one city to another. The trip is self-guided, but you can get a guide for an extra amount of fee.

Iran is a four-seasonal country but the best still, for a more pleasant experience you can travel in spring, fall or the end of summer.

Since international credit cards don’t work in Iran, you can either carry a lot of cash or get a Persian bank car which will be included on our essential traveler’s package.

On this journey, you'll spend 8 nights in cozy, traditional hostels with great facilities and close to each city's popular attractions.

This is very convenient trip for which there's no age limit! Everyone can enjoy the beauties and convenience of it.

Enter Persia’s essential traveler’s package includes visa, insurance, sim card, arrival and departure transfers, and a Persian bank card in case you want to avoid carrying a lot of cash.

Of course Persia is a vast country with many attractions and a beautiful nature, but if you're willing to visit all cultural sights, this tour includes golden destinations with the best attractions. No need to worry if you needed to explore more, we'll take care of everything for you!

Enter Persia offers any tailor-made tours in which we'll customize your trip just for you. We plan, you enjoy :)

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