Kashan Travel Guide

Are you ready to walk in the alleyways of paradise and drown in the smell of rose and rose water? Kashan, a city dating back 7500 years old, the birthplace of one of the oldest civilizations in the world (Silk), the city of historic houses and the capital of the world carpet.

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Although Kashan is a small town and allows you to walk to visit many sites, it includes 1,700 monuments. This historical city is the birthplace of one of the oldest civilization in the word, Silk, and has the first civilization of integration and urbanization. Despite its small area, the city is rich in natural and historical attractions which we will briefly introduce some of them in the following. sialk hill, agha bozorg mosque
boroujerdiha historical house, historica house of tabatabai, ameriha house , abasian house, fin garden.


Kashan is one of the few cities in Iran that has a rich story alongside pristine nature. with two dessert of maranjab and abu zaydabad, the city is one of the most attractive destinations for tourists who are looking for an unparalleled night's experience in the desert. for more information please follow this article.

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Undoubtedly, one the most memorable parts of any trip is eating new foods in each city. Kashan is one of the cities that will surprise you with its unique food diversity. KUFTEH AB SOMAQ, SHEFTEH NOKHODCHI, SHEFTEH BADEMJAN, GUSHT VA LUBIYA ,ABGUSHT BEH are among the famous food in Kashan. since we know you'll miss the pure taste of these foods, we suggest you to learn how to cook these foods in our culinary tours.

Night Life

If you are tired of the commotion of the day, we offer you places that you can visit in the evening and make a different experience. aghabozorg mosque and school,kashan bazar,ghazi asadollah square. Don't forget it's not possible to visit some attractions at night.

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Souvenir and Handicraft

One of the most fascinating parts of each trip is the special souvenir buying section of a region, which will be remembered alongside the happy memories of that trip. Below is a list of special souvenirs of Kashan for you: Rose water and distillates, Roses, Kashan Cookie, Haji Badoumi, Crafts, Kashan Carpet.

Places to Eat

Undoubtedly, you, like me, have been hungry by reading about Yazdi's delicious food and are waiting impatiently for a time to try these foods in a high-quality restaurant.In the following we have prepared the names of a number of high quality restaurants in Yazd for you. HAJI ASHPAZ RESTAURANT,HOTEL JADE ABRISHAM RESTAURANT, SEZAR RESTAURANT, KHAN DOHAD RESTAURANT,GOLE SORKH RESTAURANT,PANAHANDE RESTAURANT

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