Kerman Travel Guide

Welcome to Kerman! The city of colors and odors, home to the great Lut desert and its famous Kalouts! Here’s the largest province in Iran in the southeast with its wonderful, hospitable people and amazing cultural sites. Pack your bags cause we’re going to Kerman fellas!

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Like all historical cities of Iran, Kerman has got beautiful monuments and places to offer as well.
Here in this city, you can enjoy a walk in the lovely bazaar and Gnajali-Khan Complex with an adorable architecture and Middle-Eastern vibe. You can visit Shazdeh Garden and Fath Abad Garden. You can explore the ancient town of Bam near Kerman and of course, most importantly, the amazing Lut Desert!


Kerman is located near the miraculous desert of Lut which is definitely a highlight of Iran and a crucial reason for which tourists travel to Persia! You can take a journey to this mesmerizing and mysterious desert, explore the area, walk on golden dunes, see the great Kalouts, stargaze at night and enjoy an adventure like no other!

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Local Foods

Boz-ghormeh with this strange name is one of the most delicious foods in Kerman province which is named this way because of goat meat in its ingredients. Khoresht Aloocheh or Plum stew is another of Kerman's local and official foods. This excellent and tasty dish that is a constant food in Kerman's formal parties and gatherings is made with both red meat and chicken that the taste of both types is unique. Omaj Ash or Amaj Ash is one of Kerman's oldest, most delicious and popular local foods that are rich in vitamins, minerals and nutrients. In Kerman it is known as Umchu and Shauli (Shawli)

Souvenir and Handicraft

Kerman is famous for the best pistachio in Iran! Also, for its special kind of rugs which have their own well-know style of carpet-making. You can also get some traditional herbs such as Hennah and Cumin as well as Kerman's famous sweet, Kolompeh.