Shiraz Travel Guide

Welcome to Shiraz! Land of poetry, history and love! One of the greatest, most beautiful cities in Iran with miraculous places to visit and wonderful nature. Walk through the city and hear the beautiful sound of traditional music and Persian poetry, smell the orange blossoms and meet the greatest people on Earth! Also, it is considered Iran's cultural capital because of its very rich and ancient culture and many ancient relics. Visiting this city is like being in a living historical museum which is attractive and enchanting for any tourist.

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Isfahan Travel Guide

Isfahan is one of the most beautiful cities in the world due to its magnificent historical places and bridges, wide streets full of ancient trees and flowers, handicrafts, and beautiful works made by the most skilled masters. And that's why it's called "Nesf-e-Jahan" (meaning half of the world). Also, it is considered Iran's cultural capital because of its very rich and ancient culture and many ancient relics. Visiting this city, a living historical museum, is attractive and enchanting for any tourist.

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Shiraz is without a doubt one of Iran's highlights with so many lovely places and attractions to offer such as amazing gardens, beautiful neighborhoods, adorable streets and ancient architecture as well as Persian's oldest empire, the great Persepolis and Pasargadae.
Walk in lovely gardens such as Eram, Afif-abad, Delgosha, Narenjesta Ghavam and Zinat-ol-Molk House, the famous Nasir-ol-Mosque with adorable colors and spiritual vibes, Tomb of Hafez where you can always hear poems and enjoy a wonderful atmosphere, Vakil bazaar and mosque with its Middle-Eastern vibes and beautiful architecture, the Tomb of Shahcheragh and much more!


Besides all amazing attractions of Shiraz, this city is also very famous for orange trees everywhere and in the spring, you can enjoy the refreshing scent of orange blossoms. You can also take a short trip to Ghalat village and enjoy the peaceful nature, Tange-Raghz, Margoun Falls and of course Firuz Abad where you can also meet nomads of Fars and even stay with them!
And last but not least, you can go to Tange-Haygher and see Iran's Grand Canyon which will blow your mind!

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Local Foods

You’ve come all the way to the land of coolest gastronomy ever! Don’t forget to try all you can. Kalam Polo, Ash-e-sabzi, Ghambar-polo, Koufteh Shirazi, Shirazi salad and Faouldeh are some of the most famous foods you wouldn't wanna miss!

Night Life

People of Shiraz are adorable, kind and super fun! Enjoying a cool nightlife in Shiraz would be easy and available. You can walk in the lovely streets, communicate with people, go to super fun cafes, grab a bite of street-food, enjoy the views of Eram Garden and Hafez tomb and soak in the super coll atmosphere!

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Souvenir and Handicraft

Like all other cultural cities of Iran, Shiraz has got many great souvenirs as well which are mainly stuff you can eat! Sweets and special drinks such as Masghati, Araghi-jat and Shiraz aurantium. You can also get kilims and carpets and tiny handicrafts. Something to remember your trip.

Places to Eat

You can try one of the greatest, genuine cuisines in Shiras with a number of great restaurants it offers. Haft-Khan Complex is one of the coolest restaurants with a diverse menu. You can also go to Khane-ye-Parhami where you can enjoy dining in an old, lovely house with a great atmosphere, as well as enjoying perfect Persian gastronomy with the highest quality. Some other good restaurants could be Shater Abbas, Vakil Cultural House, Tawe restaurant and Kate-Mast.

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