Eram Garden is one of the most famous and marvelous historical gardens in Iran, which is located in the tourist-friendly city of Shiraz. Eram Garden, also known as Shiraz Botanical Garden, is located in the northwest of the city. It must be interesting for tourists to know that the Eram garden is already registered in UNESCO World Heritage List.


It’s not completely obvious when this astonishing garden was built, but some believe that Eram garden had existed in the Seljuk and Al-Inju periods. During the Zandie era, the garden was restored and rebuilt by the order of Karim Khan Zand. Towards the end of the Zandie dynasty, the garden was taken over by the Khans of the Qashqai tribe, and its interior building was built by the order of Qashqai Ilkhan and his son, Mohammad Qoli Khan, during the reign of Fath Ali Shah Qajar. During the Pahlavi era, the Qashqai tribe was exiled because of supporting Mossadegh, and the garden was seized by the government. Finally, Eram garden was given to Shiraz University.

Vegetation Of Eram Garden In Shiraz

The variety of plants in this garden is impressive and that is why this garden is known as Shiraz Botanical Garden. Too many different types of plants from all over the world have been planted in this astonishing garden. The names of the plants are written on boards so you can easily find whatever you are looking for in Eram garden. The trees in Eram garden are divided into non-fruitful trees such as cypress, pine, maple, willow and fruitful ones like citrus trees. Also, different types of ornamental trees, flowers and shrubs can be seen throughout the garden.

 Sarvnaz tree

One of the most famous species in this garden is its very tall cypress trees, and that’s why many people know Shiraz as a city of cypress trees, but among all these trees, Shiraz’s Sarvanaz (which means beautiful cypress) is a special tree that is very famous in the world. Sarvanaz is more than 40 meters high and some historians believe that it must be a thousand-year-old cypress tree. In fact, this cypress is the oldest one in Shiraz.


The most interesting part of Eram Garden is its main building, which is considered as the central core of the garden. The mansion is a three-story one, which is decorated with paintings, plastering and tiling. In the Qajar era they destroyed the old building and then decided to build this one.

First floor

The first floor has a main hall called Howz Khane (the pond house). There are two corridors on either side of the pool, and at the end of both corridors, you can see the stairs. There are two large halls on either side of the corridors. Next to the hall, which is on the south side, there is a large kitchen. The main hall on the first floor, which is known as Howz Khane, was constructed for relaxing on hot summer days. The hall has a water feature and a waterway passes through it and then is connected to a large pond in front of the mansion. The ceiling of Howz Khane is covered with mosaic and seven-color tiles, which exhibit beautiful images of hunting grounds and the story of Khosrow and Shirin.

Second floor

On the second floor of the mansion there are various sections such as Iwans, halls and corridors. There are also two stone columns and there can be seen the pictures of Qajar men on their pillars.

Third floor

There is also a very large hall with two corridors on this floor. On the ceiling of the third floor there are very beautiful and artistic paintings, which are called Marjuk.