How to book your transport in Iran?

You can book Iran bus tickets and train or flight tickets through the online form below.
•For bus tickets, choose your departure time according to the fixed schedule listed in the form.
• For train or flight tickets, you should pick a tentative timing on your preferred date – we will check its availability and get back to you within a few hours. If we cannot find a connection that matches your request, we will offer you alternative timings or dates which you can review and select.
• Upon receiving a confirmation from you, we’ll provide you with the payment link and send you the transport voucher.

On top of transport booking services, TAP Persia also provides airport transfer services and pick-up tours between major cities. The pick-up tours are more than just a transfer service – they also include sightseeing at a few exciting attractions along the way. This is something that you will miss out on if you travel via buses or trains!

Note: If you need to book more than one seat, please provide us the full names and passport numbers of all travellers.




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